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Manhattan Virtual Classroom


March 14, 2008 Version 3.3

(See for a look at
how this version was announced to Western New England College
faculty and students in August 2007.)

NOTE: This version modifies certain data files, which were created
with older versions of Manhattan. Once you upgrade to this version,
you cannot go back to a previous release!

- Teachers can now use 'folders' to organize messages in modules
such as Handouts/Notices, Lectures, Self-tests, Internet Resources,

- There's a new Calendar module.

- Teachers can now post a new topic to multiple teams in the
Team/Teacher module.

- Elimination of the 'custom.h' file. The custom.h file contained a
list of server configuration settings. It was always necessary to
edit the custom.h file before compiling or building Manhattan when it
was installed. If you wanted to change a configuration item, you had
to edit custom.h then rebuild the entire system. All of the custom.h
items are now changeable on the fly via a Server --> Configure Server
item on the Administrator's menu. Elimination of the custom.h file
should make it possible to distribute binary copies of Manhattan.

- Fewer directories. If you have ever poked around your installation's
'courses' directory, you know Manhattan uses lots of directories (folders)
to keep things organized. In practice, many of these directories were
empty, for example because a particular module was never used in the
classroom. The new version uses the same directory structure, but it
creates these directories on an as-needed basis. The result is many fewer
directories on your file system. A command line utility named
'rm_empty_dirs' allows the system administrator to remove all unnecessary
directories from older classrooms.

- Integration with TestPilot ( see )
testing system. Sort of. This is a new module designed to provide
some level of integration with the commercial (but inexpensive)
TestPilot online testing system. Although it is used by a few of our
faculty who absolutely had to have an online testing system, we never
announced it college wide. Not something we will support moving
forward. Instead we'll eventually implement our own testing system.

- A Flash Video player. Upload a Flash Video (flv or swf) file, and
you'll get an video icon next to the file attachment. Click the icon
and the video plays.

- There's now a choice between two MP3 players. The server admin
decides via the Server-->Configure Server options mentioned above.

- The mime type that Manhattan associates with an attached file is now
controlled via an editable text file named 'mime_type.hdf' in a new
'etc' directory that's part of the Manhattan installation.
Knowledgeable system adminstrator's can add/edit this mime types file.
Inspired by Microsoft's new pptx, docx, formats (which are now
correctly supported out of the box)

- Teachers can create their own classrooms. System admin must enable
this feature and also give individual the right to create the
classroom. It's off by default. The idea is to allow selected users
to create classrooms themselves. Classrooms initially have just
themselves as the only participant, but they can add whoever they

- Bugfix - adding a group of students from several courses did not work
properly when a student appeared in more than one of the courses.

- Bugfix - Purge Post Office messages caused a Server Error, when a large
number of classrooms was selected.

- Bugfix: Web based grades sometimes reported incorrect max, min and bar
graph data if a course had deleted students. (Deleted student data was
incorrectly used in the calculations.)

- Plus many additional smaller bugfixes.

October 31, 2006 Version 3.2

(See for a look at
how this version was announced to Western New England College
faculty and students in August 2006.)

NOTE: This version modifies certain data files, which were created
with older versions of Manhattan. Once you upgrade to this version,
you cannot go back to a previous release!

- Biggest new feature is a new web based grades program. Also added
support for the commercial GradeQuick grading software. Teachers
can choose this over the old Excel-based method when they enable the
Grades module.

- Users are now notified of new messages (one semester at a time) as
soon as they login via red stars on the My Manhattan page.

- Added some context-sensitive help to the page teachers use to turn
modules on/off, to help them understand what each module does.

- Messages (except in Post Office module) can now be marked with a
'flag' icon to make it possible to mark messages of special interest.
The 'Gather' command can be used to gather all flagged messages.

- Administrator's get a new Courses-->Create Courses-->XML Roster Manager
feature. (ENABLE_FACULTY_COURSE_REQUEST must be set to '1' in custom.h
at compile time to enable this feature.) This makes it possible for an
Admin to upload an XML file representing the rosters for an entire
school. Once in place, the XML file can be used as a data source making
the following possible:

+ Teachers can request the creation of Manhattan classes online.
(A 'Request a classroom' link appears on the 'My Manhattan' page.)

+ Admins can create multiple classrooms by selecting from rosters
represented by the XML file.

+ Admins can mass-update the rosters for every course on the server
that was created from the XML file.

Look for full documentation on this when the Administrator's
Reference for version 3.2 becomes available.

- Surveys can include "Check all that apply" questions. (Look for the
'Multi-select' option when entering a Multiple-choice question.)

- Surveys have a "Require students to take this survey" option. (Look
for the option on the page used by teachers to compose a message to
go along with a survey within the Surveys module.)

- Bugfix: added #include <sys/types.h> to shared_mime_types.c to fix
compile problem with FreeBSD

- Bugfix: For STANDALONE courses, Using "Add a Student" or "Add a Teacher",
both added person as a teacher. Fixed admin_add_student_form.cs.

- Bugfix: (A very obscure bug.) To recreate with older versions:

1. Post a CGI-enabled Hot Potatoes Quiz to the Self-tests module. Post
it as a simple file attachment, not as an "Attached web site."

2. Reading the message containing the attached Hot Potatoes HTML file,
save the file to your local computer (E.g. Using IE, Right Click the
filename and select "Save Target As"

3. Take the HTML file you saved to your local PC in step #2 and post it
to the Self-tests module, either as a simple attachment, or as an
"Attached Web Site"

4. Log out of Manhattan completely, then login again and take the Hot
Potatoes Quiz posted in Step #3. You'll find your scores won't be saved
after getting all of the answers correct. Instead, you'll see a "You've
been logged out of the classroom" error message.

This very obscure bug was fixed in this release.

- Bugfix: User accounts would not be properly created when ALL of the
following were true:

1. The course was created as a STANDALONE course.
2. An XML file was used to create the course.
3. Usernames were specified in the XML file using the
<username></username> tags.

Symptoms were: users could not login, some passwords could not be reset.

- Bugfix: If a user stopped their web browser, or navigated to another
URL in the middle of sending a message with attachments, the message
would sometimes be sent, but the attached files would be corrupted
because they were not the correct size. The programs now check to
ensure that the number of bytes actually sent by the client browser
is equal to the number of bytes the browser declared it was sending.

- Bugfix: The Super User could not accurately control the privileges
assigned to other admins. Some combinations of privileges were not

May 5, 2006 Version 3.1

- Bugfix: The teacher was unable to use "Manage Topics" to
reposition the order of topics in the Team/Teacher module.

- Bugfix: An error occurred when user attempted to Forward a
Post Office message.

- Bugfix: Teachers could not use Manhattan's Copy and Paste
to paste a messaage containing a file attachment in the
Post Office.

- Bugfix: Survey titles could not contain the digits 0-9

- Bugfix: Administrator was unable to add a completely new
student to a classroom, if the ID number he entered was
the same as that of an existing student

- Bugfix: An omission prevented Replying to messages in several
areas of the Team/Teacher discussion module. The error
reported was something like : Required parameter 'team' missing

- Bugfix: If no courses matched the search criteria when using the
Administrative system, a blank page would appear instead of a
page stating no courses matched your search criteria.

- Bugfix: The Administrator received an error message when
attempting to delete a person with no classes.

- Bugfix: A survey would become 'not well formed' if either the
Left or Right tag in a Likert question contained an XML character
that should have been escaped: & < >

- Added "Purge Post Office messages" feature to the administrative
system. The purpose of this routine is to reclaim disk space
by permanently deleting Post Office messages sent by students
to students. Admins can run this on courses that aren't used
anymore by students, usually because the courses are long over.
Use this sparingly! It's under Server-->Clean up --> Purge
post office messages

- Added "Course usage reports" feature to the administrative
system. How are people using your server? Which classrooms
are consuming the most disk space? .. and similar stats.
Look under Server-->Usage reports-->Course usage reports

- The Administrator's Server "Clean up" command now also deletes
the contents of all teacher clipboards that are more than XXX
seconds old. XXX is set in src/custom.h (see MAX_CLIPBOARD_EXPIRE)
at compile time. The default is 259200, which is 3 days.

- Added new Podcasting module(!). (Not documented yet, but check
out the SUBSCRIBE button when you enter the module. Ask someone
who knows about Podcasts to explain it to you!)

- Added a flash based MP3 player, which can be used to play mp3 files
attached to any file in any module. Known issue: some mp3 files
play way too fast. This problem might be a Flash limitation, and
may not be solvable.

- System now attempts to filter out Microsoft Word's smart quote
characters that can get dumped into messages when a user
pastes text from a Word document directly into a Manhattan

- The drop down menu system used in Manhattan's administrative
system was originially based on Javascript code taken from Starting with this release,
Manhattan now uses doiMenu from
The original menu system wasn't completely reliable on some
systems. The new menu system still has a minor annoyance with
selection lists 'bleeding thru' the menu for IE users, but
seems significantly better than Brainjar's.

January 30, 2006 Version 3.0

This is a major (although backward-compatible) new release of
Manhattan. The core changes involved a complete refactoring
of Manhattan's source code to use the ClearSilver templating
toolkit - see

Some highlights:

- Use of ClearSilver templating toolkit separates "content"
from "presentation" making it possible more easily modify
the look of Manhattan's pages, and making it much easier
to translate Manhattan into languages other than English.

- A much nicer look to Manhattan throughout.

- Most pages are XHTML Strict, and we have taken the time to
validate our HTML output as much as practical.

- Miscellaneous improvements:

- Teachers can now lock students out of their

- Users can switch between Proportional and Fixed
font for message display.

- Teachers can choose width of textarea boxes used to
type messages.

- Emoticon (smiley face) support in messages.

- Printer friendly option on messages.

- Better clickable URL support for messages. URLs longer
than a single line typed into a message now work as live
links. These URLs now open in a separate window.

- Colors used to emphasize reply-chains within messages.

- More and better 'tool tips' can be seen when you position
your mouse over a command button or link.

- Better use of Javascript form validation throughout.

- Animated status var lets you know something is happening
when you are sending a message with large attachments over
a slower Internet connection.

- 'Gathered' messages are now listed so you can see the reply
chains. Gathered messages also have a 'Printer friendly'

- You can now use ExamView (
to create quizzes in Manhattan's Assignments module. (Export the
ExamView quiz to Blackboard 6 format, and attach the resulting zip
file.) This MAY work with other test creation software capable of
exporting to Blackboard 6 format.

May 13, 2004 Version 2.4

- Using "Manage Topics", teachers can now mark a topic (and
thus all messages posted to that topic) as READ-ONLY.

When a message is READ_ONLY, students can't:
- Reply to the message.
- Unlock a locked attachment
- Take an attached Hot Potatoes quiz (Assignments module)
- Take an attached Survey (Surveys module)

The new feature gives the teacher more control, and is
especially useful within the Assignments module for online

- The Post Office module was refurbished. Changes include:

Eliminated the "Inbox Attic" and the "Outbox Attic". Since the
earliest version of Manhattan, the Attics were storage places to put
Post Office Messages you no longer wanted to see in your Inbox
or Outbox. Once a message was placed in an Attic, it stayed there forever,
although you could work with a message stored in an Attic as though it
were any other message.

The Attics now have been replaced with the same method used to mark/unmark
messages as 'sleepy' in other Manhattan modules. This allows users to
toggle a message's status between being hidden (or sleepy) and being

Users can now delete Post Office messages. Originally,
by design, users could not delete any messages from the Post Office. The
intent was to keep everyone 100% honest - since messages could not
be deleted, it was completely impossible for someone to claim that
they didn't receive a Post Office message sent to them.

While this always worked well, the inability to delete Post Office
messages was seen as a flaw by some, instead of a unique feature.
Basically, its easier to allow users to delete Post Office messages, than
to continually defend the stance that being unable to delete the messages
is a good thing. ;-)

As always, the sender of a Post Office message has a copy
in his Outbox. The 'Info' page for a message in the Outbox shows when
others have read and deleted a Post Office message.

In previous versions, when a user Forwarded a Post Office message that
contained one or more attached files, a symbolic link was created to the
original file attachments. While this saved disk space, it would
make the deletion of a Post Office message too complicated, since the
programs would have to also track whether attachments
were forwarded, who they were forwarded to, and whether or not those
recipients deleted the messages. Therefore, the new version makes a new copy
of a forwarded file to make Post Office deletions manageable.

Modified the post_inbox_info and post_outbox_info programs to make the
generated pages look like the 'info' pages elsewhere in Manhattan.
While doing so, I found and fixed two harmless (and obscure) bugs:

If a recipient of a Post Office message that contained an attached website
clicked on 'Info' for that message, the displayed list of people that the
message was sent to would contain garbage. (Usually it displayed the letters
"dir" or "ir"). A relatively harmless bug gone unnoticed for years.

Condition: A user received a Post Office message that contained an
attached website, and that was also sent to at least one other person besides
himself. If the user clicked on "Group Reply", the compose message form should
have pre-selected all of the people who received the original message. It
didn't. Another completely harmless bug.

- When a teacher deletes a TOPIC in the Class Discussion (or similar)
modules, the JavaScript alert now warns him that he will not only be
deleting the topic, but also all messages posted to the topic.

An Assignments module Bugfix:

When a teacher 'gathered' assignments, under certain conditions
some messages would list attachments that aren't really there.
Clicking on the attachment would yield a "Unable to determine
original filename" error message.

This was an obscure bug in the assign_gather program, which
would only show itself in unusual circumstances. Fixed.

A Surveys module Bugfix:

While modifying a survey, on occasion clicking on the 'Cut' button
would cause the underlying survey XML file to get corrupted. Fixed.

April 22, 2004 Version 2.3

- Bugfix:

When a student 'gathered' an Assignment that
contained a Hot Potatoes exam, automatically generated
results of the exam would appear with a "Start the Exam"
button, instead of a "View Attached Website" button.
Clicking on the "Start the Exam" button would yield a
"not well-formed" error. Fixed.

- Bugfix:
Hot Potatoes version 5 quizzes posted to the Self-tests
module would not work properly, IF you generated a
"Web page for v6 browsers". (They worked just fine
if you generated output for v5 browsers.) This bug
was introduced in Manhattan version 2.2. Fixed.

- Modified surveys features:

- Teacher can now see how many students responded
to a survey even before the survey results are
available to that teacher. (Added the information
to the 'Info' page.)

- The page showing the graphs viewable by the teacher
now starts with detailed information about the survey.
Also, the HTML page title now shows information about the
survey. Modified page-break css style settings to print
two graphs per page. Also all graphs are printed before
any results which required a student to enter text. All
of this is to make the printouts more useful.

- Hot Potatoes 6 support for Assignments module testing:

This version supports the use of Hot Potatoes 6 JQZ files
within the Assignments module for online testing. (Hot Potatoes
5.x JBC and JQZ files are still supported.) Additional
changes related to the use of Hot Potatoes within the Assignments
module include:

- JBC and JQZ files are now checked for validity the first time
the teacher posts the test. (For example, the teacher is notified
if there's a question with no correct answers.)

- The display of the quizzes has been improved a bit, and Manhattan
now supports Hot Potatoes' "Exercise Background Color"

- Blank questions are automatically removed from JBC and JQZ quizzes.

- Students can not submit a quiz unless they have answered ALL of the

- Replaced the mkthumb utility used to create thumbnail sized images within
Manhattan's People module with Jeremy Madea's jpgtn utility. The way
mkthumb was packaged within prior releases of Manhattan required you to
have the libjpeg library installed on your system. Hopefully, the
way I packaged the jpgtn utility will remove this dependency. The INSTALL
file was modified slightly to reflect the switch from mkthumb to jpgtn.
See for more info on jpgtn.

- Added a 'stub' for a new 'Wiki' module that Ian Paterson is working on.
Until he completes his work, this change will be transparent to all.

Feb 14, 2004 Version 2.2

This version adds a Spell Checker, and two new modules.

The Spell Checker allows users to check the spelling within
the body of Manhattan messages. Teachers can choose whether
or not to enable the feature on a course-by-course basis.

The new "People" module allows users to create a simple
"personal info page", which can include an email address,
website link, additional user-defined data fields, and a photo.
If the teacher enables the "People" module, students in the class
can see a thumbnail-sized photo gallery of fellow classmates with
links to their "personal info" pages.

The new "Surveys" module expands upon the survey capabilities which
were previously only available to server admins. Teachers can now
design their own surveys (or choose from a 'public' list) for private
delivery to their students.

PLEASE READ THE UPGRADE-HOWTO FILE for info on how to upgrade from
previous versions.

This release also support Hot Potatoes 6, but only within the Self-tests
module. (Hot Potatoes 6 files can NOT yet be issued as secure quizzes
via the Assignments module.)

Various (minor) bug-fixes have been included as well.

Documenting the new features in the Manhattan manuals is on the
to-do list. Check for documentation updates.

This release includes a (partial) Spanish language translation. Use

make spanish

to build the spanish language version.

Dec 18, 2003 Version 2.1.1

This release, version 2.1,1, includes a (partial) Spanish language
translation done by Ing. Gerardo Herrera from Valencia, Venezuela.
To make the spanish version replace:

make english


make spanish

when following the INSTALL instructions.

Other than the new language translation, this version is
completely identical to version 2.1

Oct 25, 2003 Version 2.1

This release includes major improvements to the web-based
administrative programs. To accomodate these changes, you MUST RUN AN
UPGRADE program to upgrade from version 2.0.x to 2.1. See the
UPGRADE-HOWTO included with this distribution.

A complete Administrator's Reference Manual for this version is
available at

Summary of Administrative system enhancements:

- Courses are now organized into 'groups',
making it easier to manage large numbers of

- Administrator can mark courses as 'read-only',
or hide them from students/teachers.

- Enhancements to login logs.

- Support of (optional) XML-based file format for
course creation.

- Teachers can now search for existing users when
adding a student/teacher to their classroom.

- Administrator can prevent teachers from adding
completely new students to system, via a custom.h

Bugfixes include:

- Now Internet Resources URLs have an unlimited
- Fixed bug when users uploaded files with long
local path names.
- Javascript alert now appears before each message is

May 14, 2003 Version 2.0.1

This is a bug fix release.

- Bugfix:

If your server's time was on
"Daylight Savings Time" messages/surveys
would be actually be released/unreleased
one hour later than you specified on the
form. The fix was to set tm_isdst = -1
where the mktime() function was called.
This *should* have the OS figure out whether
or not daylight savings time is in effect.

Don't know for sure if this works for all
OS's. Documentation on this is hard to find.

Type: man mktime for more info.

- Bugfix:

A student posts one or more messages to a classroom.
Teacher or Admin deletes student from classroom.
Teacher or Admin adds same student back to the same

The above steps yielded the error:
"An error occurred while creating user directories"

Problem resolved.

- Bugfix:

When teacher or admin added a new student or teacher
to a "normal" (central login) course, that new user
could not log in using his username as the initial
password. The teacher or admin had to "reset" the
person's password to let the new person log in.

The initial password was being encrypted twice.
Problem resolved.

- Bugfix:

When the teacher added a new student or teacher to
a classroom, it was possible to include spaces
before, within, or after the ID number typed in.

The program now strips leading/trailing spaces, and
checks for spaces and other banned characters within
an ID number.

- Bugfix:

The program used to change a person's password attempted
to prevent users from selecting passwords with three
consecutive characters, such as "abc123". It didn't work,
and produced an error message whenever there were two
consecutive characters in a password.

The whole idea was dropped.

Also dropped the code that prevented a user from selecting
a password that had three or more of the same characters
in a row, such as "xxxxxx"

- FreeBSD fixes:

Several users reported that Manhattan wouldn't compile
under FreeBSD due to missing #includes in three files:

- added #include <unistd.h> to news_read.c
- added #include <sys/types.h> to shared_potato_util.h
- added #include <time.h> to survey.h


-- Added an UPGRADE-HOWTO documentation file to the distro.
-- Added a FREEBSD-HOWTO documentation file to the distro.

April 9, 2003 Version 2.0

This is a MAJOR new release of Manhattan.
New features include:
- threaded discussions
- multiple choice and
short answer testing
in Assignments module
- new graphics
- multiple teacher support
- chat improvements
- ability for teacher to hide/unhide
and schedule the release of msgs
- ability for teacher to change the
order of msgs
- ability for students/teachers to
hide/unhide old topics
- web based administration system,
includes the ability to post surveys
- central login system
- many bugfixes and minor enhancements

This initial 2.x release is in English only.
Partial translations will be forthcoming.

April 8, 2003 Version 0.93.5

- Leslaw Sieniawski contributed the Polish
language translation included
with version 0.93.5

September 20, 2002 Version 0.93.4

- Yannis Exidaridis, University of Athens
contributed the Greek language trans-
lation that is included in this
release. Install it using
'make greek' His e-mail address is:

- The Makefile has been modified to
(hopefully) do a complete 'clean'
of binary files.

March 29, 2002 Version 0.93.3

- Joaquim Quinteiro Uchoa contributed the
Portuguese (Brazil) language translation
that is included in this release. Install
it using 'make portuguese' Joaquim's email
address is

- added a flush(stdout); to news_list_members.c
Some versions of gcc had a problem without it.

Otherwise, this release is identical to 0.93.2

March 12, 2002 Version 0.93.2

- Jaakko Kosonen contributed the Finnish
language translation that is included in this
release. Install it using 'make finnish'.
Jaakko's email address is:

- Changed the GERMAN lang.h file to correct
an error that prevented the teacher from
deleting messages.

Otherwise, this release is identical to
Version 0.93

October 15, 2001 Version 0.93.1

- Werner Bauer contributed the German language
translation that is included in this release.
Do 'make german' to install it, or use a text
editor to view
to see how he did it. Werner Bauer's email
address is: Thank you!

Besides the addition of the German translation,
this release is identical to version 0.93

September 5, 2001 Version 0.93

- The Self-tests module was modified to work with the
Hot Potatoes quiz making software. If you "Configure
Output" for your Hot Potatoes to use the ""
CGI program, and if you post the quiz to the Self-tests
module, Manhattan will save the quiz scores for the
student and teacher to see. All such CGI-enabled
Hot Potato activity is also recorded in the statistics
portion of the program. Look for full documentation in
the forthcoming teacher's manual.

- A "Download Attached Website as ZIP file" button now
enables the teacher (only the teacher) to get a zipped
version of any attached website.

- Hopefully fixed, for good, the problem some users were
having with their web browsers cacheing web sites
attached to messages. The symptom was that once an
attached web site was viewed, any other attempt to
view an attached web site showed the same web page unless
the browser's cache was cleared.

The fix was to use the current time stamp as part of the
symbolic link name that gets generated when an attached
web site is viewed.

- The clipboard viewer now works properly. There was a
problem with viewing file and web site attachments in the
clipboard in earlier releases.

July 13, 2001 Version 0.92.2

- Ovida Pena Rodriguez of Havana, Cuba submitted a Spanish
language translation that is included in this version.
Type 'make spanish' to install it, or use a text editor
to view
to see how he did it. You can send Ovida a thank you
note at:

- A minor change was made to doorstep.c to better align the
username/password prompts to accomodate languages other
than English.

- A rather serious bug affecting the Team/Teacher module was
corrected. If the teacher used the Configuration menu item
to change her team, all messages would disappear from her
view of the Team/Teacher module. The fix was to add one line
to the source file admin_chg_student.c The function
'handle_group_change()' in admin_chg_student.c was changed

static void
handle_group_change (char *username, char *newgroup)
replace_team_files (username, newgroup, "team");
replace_team_files (username, newgroup, "team_teach");

to this:

static void
handle_group_change (char *username, char *newgroup)
replace_team_files (username, newgroup, "team");
if( != FACULTY)
replace_team_files (username, newgroup, "team_teach");

June 14, 2001 Version 0.92.1

- Users reported that Manhattan releases would not compile
under RedHat Linux version 7.1, which uses version 2.96
of the GCC compiler. The fix was simply to add the line

#include <time.h>



I also fixed several warnings that the new compiler
complains about. Still to do is the warning that use
of mktmp is dangerous!!! Geez, I didn't know we were living
on the edge!

There is no reason to upgrade from 0.92 if that compiled ok
on your system.

May 24, 2001 Version 0.92

- First translatable version of Manhattan. All of the English
language strings have been extracted to a single header file
named lang.h. See the TRANSLATE-HOWTO file for details.

- The Makefile has been rewritten, eliminating (hopefully) a
problem that caused people running older versions of Linux some

- The source for 'unzip' has been included in the distribution,
in src/unzip-5.40 and is re-compiled upon installation.
Previous versions packaged a binary version of unzip. The
source for the Eric Kim's cgi-html library also is now
included in the directory src/cgihtml-1.69, and is compiled
with the Makefile. Previous versions packaged a binary
version of the library. These steps might make a BSD or other
Un*x port feasible.

- Removed source file "real_stream.c" from the distribution.
It wasn't used ;-)

- The web_page_start program now sends the tag:
<META http-equiv="EXPIRES" CONTENT="January 1, 1980">
which hopefully will resolve a problem with browsers caching
attached web sites.

- The admin_list_passwd program now gives a count of students
in the class.

- The TAB key now properly advances the cursor through the forms
used to compose new messages. This was a problem for Netscape

- Within the Configuration menus, the word links, such as
"Return to Previous Menu" were replaced with the "back arrow"
image for more consistency. The back arrow from the stats
menu now leads back to the Configuration menu instead of the
Main Menu.

Feb 1, 2001 version 0.91

- Fixed bug in copy_dir() function in shared_clipboard_util.c
which prevented "Copy this message to your clipboard"
feature from working with messages that had an attached
website when website contained subdirectories.

- The way dates are displayed (eg. European "12 Dec. 2000"
versus US "Dec 12 2000" can now be controlled by editing
appropriate #defines in a new 'custom.h' header file prior
to compiling the system (see INSTALL and/or custom.h files
for details)

- Fixed bug in Internet Resources module which caused an error
when posted web addresses contained the characters &, ?, or =

- Fixed bug in Internet Resources module which caused an error
when posted web addresses were typed with leading spaces.

- The date and time Anonymous Discussion messages were posted
is no longer displayed. It is possible under certain
circumstances to deduce who sent an anonymous message if the
date and time the message was posted is known. (A #define
in custom.h controls whether or not the dates are displayed,
so this change can be undone if you prefer to show the time
sent for anonymous messages.)

- Corrected potential string overflow problem with 'id'
parameter in several programs. In get_parameters(), 'id'
was assumed to be of length MAX_PATH, when the correct
length is MAX_KEY.

- Removed the unused 'assign_expand_topic' and 'janitor'
programs from the distribution.

- The 'cleantmp' program, which can be used to remove stale
files from Manhattan's tmp directory, is now compiled with
the Makefile, which puts the executable is the distribution's
sbin directory.

- Replaced all sprintf() and strcpy() calls with
snprintf() and strncpy() for improved security/robustness

- Replaced the spiral.gif background image with a wider one,
to better support screen widths up to 1280 pixels.

Nov 5, 2000 version 0.90.1

Fixed bug that happened only with MS Internet Explorer which reported
"crs parameter not found" when returning to news_gather, assign_gather,
post_inbox_gather, or post_outbox_gather

Oct 6, 2000 version 0.90

First GPL release