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  • Version 3.2 released

    Manhattan version 3.2 is now available for download.

    See for a look at how this version was announced to Western New England College faculty and students in August 2006.

    - Biggest new feature is a new web based grades program. Also added support for the commercial GradeQuick grading software. Teachers can choose this over the old Excel-based method when they enable the Grades module.

    - Users are now notified of new messages (one semester at a time) as soon as they login via red stars on the My Manhattan page.

    - Added some context-sensitive help to the page teachers use to turn modules on/off, to help them understand what each module does.

    - Messages (except in Post Office module) can now be marked with a 'flag' icon to make it possible to mark messages of special interest. The 'Gather' command can be used to gather all flagged messages.

    - Administrator's get a new Courses-->Create Courses-->XML Roster Manager feature. (ENABLE_FACULTY_COURSE_REQUEST must be set to '1' in custom.h at compile time to enable this feature.) This makes it possible for an Admin to upload an XML file representing the rosters for an entire school. Once in place, the XML file can be used as a data source making the following possible:

    + Teachers can request the creation of Manhattan classes online. (A 'Request a classroom' link appears on the 'My Manhattan' page.)

    + Admins can create multiple classrooms by selecting from rosters represented by the XML file.

    + Admins can mass-update the rosters for every course on the server that was created from the XML file.

    Look for full documentation on this when the Administrator's Reference for version 3.2 becomes available.

    - Surveys can include "Check all that apply" questions. (Look for the 'Multi-select' option when entering a Multiple-choice question.)

    - Surveys have a "Require students to take this survey" option. (Look for the option on the page used by teachers to compose a message to go along with a survey within the Surveys module.)